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For over 160 years, YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. Since our inception, YWCAs across the country have been on the front lines advocating for the rights of women, girls, and marginalized people and addressing community needs. Today, we continue to drive an inclusive agenda to address the underlying gender equity and racial justice tensions that are so deeply embedded in our nation. We invite you to join us and take action on health, economic, safety, and racial justice priorities directly affecting women and communities of color.

Take action with the YWCA - Act Now!

Until Justice Just Is: Advance Racial Justice

YWCA is committed to racial justice and civil rights and demands a world of equity and human decency. Today we remain committed to ensure that everyone is afforded equal protection under the law and our intersectional mission to eliminate racism and empower women demands that we show up to advocate against the oppression that many groups and individuals endure, including through recognizing the interconnected experiences of discrimination and disadvantage that women face from their overlapping identities.

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services

YWCA is the largest network of domestic and sexual violence service providers, with more than 150 YWCAs across 44 states on the frontlines providing gender-based violence and trauma informed services. Every year, YWCAs provide more than 535,000 women with safety services, which include safe and secure emergency shelter, transitional housing, crisis hotlines, counseling, court assistance, and other community and safety programs. More than 45% of the women YWCAs serve are women of color.

Child Care Services and Programming

Since 1868, YWCA has provided early childcare programs, and today we are proud to serve over 200,000 kids annually through childcare, Head Start, and Pre-K programs. These programs promote child development and school readiness, while enabling parents to obtain and retain employment.